Money, money, money, money... mon-nah!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Wendy's 99 Cent Bid for Value

Prize(s) - 10G, 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe SE

End Date - January 14, 2009

Entry Frequency - as many as you can get in

Simone's Thoughts - Ok, so this isn't really a sweepstakes, more of a free bid auction. You register and then come back to the site on January 13, 2009 @2:00 PM EST for the Bill Payoff ($10,000) and then January 14, 2009 @ 2:00 PM EST for the Hyundai 2008 Santa Fe SE. You answer trivia ? about Wendy's and for each correct answer you get to "place a bid." If your bid is the 99 cent bid, then you win the prize. I know it sounds confusing, but its pretty easy. Really the hardest part of this sweep is having the patience to deal with their server not being able to handle all the traffic. Use Firefox if you have it, IE didn't work so well with this. Good luck!

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