Please click here if you cannot see the game

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- General Mills Cash Instant

Prize(s) - $25,000 and lots of smaller cash prizes to be won

End Date - February 10, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per person / email

Simone's Thoughts - This week is all about the instant win. Some people flock to instants like a gambler to Vegas. A few notes on instants. Many are run by a promotional company called ePrize. They have a wonderful feature on most of the instants where you can "click here" if you can't see the game and go right to the part where you find out if you won. No this will not make you less likely to win. Most instants nowadays are based on time. The computer picks a random time and whoever plays the game closest to that random time wins the prize. Many will provide a code for you if you need one to play. In this case, just click the "Don't have a code" link and one will be provided. In other sweeps you can sometimes find the free code in the official rules, or they will email one to you. There are also sweeps where you have to send off via snail mail for a code, or there is no way to get one for free. Sweepstakes takes all kinds. Enjoy the week of instants!

P.S. - The screenshot picture above is of my biggest instant win - click on the image to enlarge.

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