Arby's... yum

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Arby's 10K Sweep

Prize(s) - $10,000.01 grand prize; 1 $5,00.01 prize per day; 6 $50.01 Arby's GC per day; 30 $5.01 Arby's GC per day

End Date - December 27, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Sorry today's post is so late. Didn't get to it last night and then had a hair appt this morning and have been running around since. Anyhoo, better late than never right?! Figured I'd give you an extra good one to make up for it!

Fun fact- I won't eat at Arby's because when I was a college student back in the day, I threw it up all over the outside of my car out the window while driving. Still makes me sick if I smell it.

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