Cabin? In what world?

Sweepstakes Title/Link - DIY Blog Cabin

Prize(s)- 2011 Blog Cabin in VA

End Date - September 30, 2011

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - I think last year was when the blog cabin lost the 'cabin' part of its name. I love this years house, but cabin it is not. In fact, its about as non-cabin as you can get. Either way, its a dream win.


Rocklady_MI said...

But how do you pay for the taxes after you win? HGTV's green home, also gave a cash prize to help the winner with the other expenses. Does DIY think the average viewer can afford the gift taxes from out of their pockets?!

simone/ thebubbledies said...

Yeah Rocklady_MI, this is definitely not a house you could afford to keep if you are an average joe like most of us. Hopefully since they are all owned by the same company, they will help with selling the house like they used to for the Dream Home before they started the cash option.