A lesson in ARV that may be worth it to take.


Prize(s) - 7 night/8 day trip for 6 to the Dulce Suenos Villa in Manzanillo, Mexico

End Date - January 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - OK, the ARV, or approximate retail value, on this win is $19,800. The way sweepstakes work in the US is anything you win over $600 you have to pay taxes on (this is the easy version of the tax law - I know its more complex, but that is the gist of it.) So, if you win this trip you will pay taxes on almost 20k. How much you pay will depend on your tax bracket, but the thing to remember is you aren't getting a vacation for free on this one. That being said, this would be the most awesome trip to Mexico ever and thats why I posted it for you. Not to mention, those 5 friends and or relatives will love you forever for taking them. Check out the villa - have fun drooling!

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