Get Smart

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Red Baron Smart Car Instant

Prize(s) - (12) Smart fortwo coupe base model & $2,010 - Sweepstakes prize
(176) $25 Gas Card - instant prize

End Date - June 27. 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Honestly, living in TX, driving one of these tiny cars would scare me. I can only imagine trying to compete with all the doolies, Hummers, and Suburbans in this little bugger. I may be able to get over that prejudice though for the gas mileage and if it was free. You do need a code to play this, but it is provided online.


You're so money and you don't even know it!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Pizza Hut Vegas Instant

Prize(s) - 4 day/3 night trip for 2 to Vegas and tickets to a prize fight (sweepstakes prize)
Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 games (instant prizes)

End Date - June 27, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - I know a lot of people don't think of taking kids to Vegas, but you just have to think outside of Vegas. Hoover Dam anyone? Now the trip is only for 2, but you may be able to add people/ kids on at your own expense.


Pure Bliss!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Hershey's Bliss Instant

Prize(s) - $20,000 - sweepstakes prize/ $100 - instant win prize

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Cash money - what more is there to say. The instant portion of this hybrid is 200 instant wins of $100 a piece. You will need a UPC, but they will provide that for you online. You also have to become a member at Hershey's, but they always have good sweeps, so it is worth it.


Tea time!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- ITO-EN Prius Instant

Prize(s) - 2010 Prius and some instant prizes including $100 grocery store GC

End Date - September 7, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - This teamaker has a fab shop in NYC if you ever get a chance to go. The car is not part of the instant, but the other prizes are. You will find there are quite a few sweeps out there that are hybrids like this - part sweep, part instant win. There is a free code provided online.


Please click here if you cannot see the game

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- General Mills Cash Instant

Prize(s) - $25,000 and lots of smaller cash prizes to be won

End Date - February 10, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per person / email

Simone's Thoughts - This week is all about the instant win. Some people flock to instants like a gambler to Vegas. A few notes on instants. Many are run by a promotional company called ePrize. They have a wonderful feature on most of the instants where you can "click here" if you can't see the game and go right to the part where you find out if you won. No this will not make you less likely to win. Most instants nowadays are based on time. The computer picks a random time and whoever plays the game closest to that random time wins the prize. Many will provide a code for you if you need one to play. In this case, just click the "Don't have a code" link and one will be provided. In other sweeps you can sometimes find the free code in the official rules, or they will email one to you. There are also sweeps where you have to send off via snail mail for a code, or there is no way to get one for free. Sweepstakes takes all kinds. Enjoy the week of instants!

P.S. - The screenshot picture above is of my biggest instant win - click on the image to enlarge.


Cash is King

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Norelco 10G Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - $10,000 and some smaller prizes

End Date - June 21, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - We can always use more cash. $10,000 is the most cash I have ever won. We did win a car and then sold that, but as far as just winning cash, 10G is my current record. Who wants to tie me?


The Man Zone

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Combos Man Zone Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 4 prize packs worth about $25,000 and a boatload of smaller prizes

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - My DH doesn't really have a man zone, but I don't have a woman zone either so I don't feel bad about it. We could both use a truck though or a $25,000 GC.


For the woodworker...

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Popular Woodworking Shop Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - Woodworkers shop worth $13,000

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Some people have significant others that can build stuff. My husband can make stuff, but its not his passion and it usually requires 3+ trips to Home Depot per project. For those whose other loves this stuff, I assume this win would rock. Me I'm staying out as we would not get the use out of it.


Something for everyone...

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Motorola Indy Grand Prix

- 4 day/3 night trip for 2 to Sonoma Valley, CA, on August 21-24, 2009; suite (sweet!) tickets to the 2009 Indy Grand Prix, opportunity to meet Danica Patrick, dinner, wine tasting tour, and a Motorola Clutch i465 phone. Also they are giving away 10 Motorola Clutch i465 phones per race and 500 bonus prizes of Motorola Clutch i465 phones with $50 Boost Mobile Re-Boost cards

End Date - October 10, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I can't lie and say that I am a racing fan, but the DH is. Now granted he likes NASCAR and this is Indy, but its a trip to Sonoma Valley - so who cares! Check the official rules for all the prizes in this one.


Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Yamaha ATV Giveaway

Prize(s) - 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 550 FI EPS ATV

End Date - October 31,2009

Entry Frequency - 1x per household

Simone's Thoughts - Living in the Austin area, I sometimes forget that we are in a red state. I went to a Rodney Carrington concert several weeks ago and was reminded that Redneck pride was strong and well - even in our liberal mecca. You don't have to be a Redneck to love ATVs, but is sure helps. I can't even begin to imagine where we would use this beast, but I'm sure my husband knows people with land that we could go play on.


Friday Bonus - Beach Jewelry

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Luxaholics Cuff Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - Stella & Dot Kelly cuff

End Date - Friday @ 11:59 pm PST

Entry Frequency - 1X per household

Simone's Thoughts - Just a little jewelry to wear on your beach trip you are sure to win from this week!

Ahh France

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Abt LG Riviera Sweep

Prize(s) - 7 day/6 night trip for two to the Hotel Royal Riviera Resort in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France and $1,000

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - 1x per household

Simone's Thoughts - Europe has beaches and although there aren't as many sweeps to win trips to them, I thought I would treat you guys. The Chagall is just my Art History major kickin' in.


Something a Little More Domestic

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Lifetime Florida Beach House Sweep

Prize(s) - 7 day/6 night trip for 4 to a beach house in the Florida Keys, $5,000, and rental car

End Date - July 15, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - This another tax conundrum at $20,000 ARV, but also comes with $5,000 cash (which could be used to offset the taxes.) An interesting side note on this prize; it comes with a "refrigerator stocked with basic ingredients." Do you think they consider beer a "basic ingredient" for a beach house?


Damn You Taxes..

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Lands End Barbados Sweep

Prize(s) - 6 day/5 night trip for 4 to The Crane Resort in St. Philip, Barbados and $5,000

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - So the ARV on this trip is $25,000. Just remember if you win, you have to pay taxes on it. You can claim FMV (fair market value) though and may be able to price this down a little. This sweep calls for you to stay in the penthouse, perhaps you could ask for a cheaper room? How much time will you really be spending there anyways? This sweep also comes with $5,000 though, so you could use that to offset taxes.


Staycation My A**

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Febreeze Staycation Sweep

Prize(s) - Your choice of trips to Hawaii, Rio, Morocco, or $10K (plus lots of smaller prizes)

End Date - July 5, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I know we are all supposed to be thinking about saving money and as all my friends know, I do, but really - Staycation?! I want a VACATION. I'm pretty sure with this sweep I could get it. Of course, I would prob just take the cash and pay off bills, but evil Simone would take the trip.


A Week of Beaches...

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Southern Living Charleston Getaway

Prize(s) - 5 day/4 night trip for 4 adults 21+ to Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston, SC

End Date - May 30, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I have been dreaming of vacations and beaches all week, so all the sweeps this week will be trips to beaches. I have a month and a half before our summer vaca and it won't be to a beach. That doesn't stop my mind from wandering to sand and oceans. That being said, now that I'm a mom, I worry about drowning and all of these other fun things that interrupt my carefree self standing with my eyes closed and feeling that ocean breeze. But now I get lots of cute pictures of our little man in the sand, so I guess it evens out in a way (at least that's what I'm telling myself.) This sweep does indicate a trip for 4 adults aged 21+, but I'm entering anyways on the hopes that I can change the terms afterwords - ya never know.


Record Those Memories!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- to register Panasonic Camera Sweepstakes
Once you have registered go here

Prize(s) - Choice of a Panasonic 10.1 MP digital camera, 12.1 MP waterproof digital camera, or 16GB Full HD camcorder

End Date - May 30,2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - They are giving away one a day, so good odds on this one. This way when you win the trip to Mexico, you will actually remember it.


Clean Up Your Act!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Lifetime Clean Start Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - $1000 and cleaning supplies

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - With the overblown Swine Flu story finally settling down, it doesn't hurt to remember that good hygiene and cleanliness can usually keep most of these bugs away. Plus a little cash never hurt!


Ugliest Dog!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Animal Planet Trip to Ugliest Dog Competition

Prize(s) - 4 day/3 night trip for 4 to the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition in California (travel dates - June 25-28, 2009)

End Date - May 8, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Don't know why this makes me think of Mexico, except that those Mexican hairless dogs seem to win this frequently. I couldn't put the actual ugliest dog picture up as it was just too scary! Ends this Friday, so enter away!


Mother's Day & Mexico

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Parenting Magazine Mexico Giveaway

Prize(s) - 4-day/3-night trip for two to Mexico plus a new prize daily

End Date - May 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per household

Simone's Thoughts - Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here is another trip to Mexico. This sweep also has some pretty good daily prizes too, so I would try and enter everyday.


Cinco de Mayo Week!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Hass Avacado Mexico Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 4 day/3 night trip for two to Acapulco

End Date - June 1, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I will be doing Mexican themed sweepstakes all week long. To kick it off, here is one for a trip to Mexico. The entry form is a little busy at first, but it clears up in the second half. The secondary prize is a years worth of Avacados - which is pretty awesome too!


A host of Mother's Day Giveaways

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Tyra Mother's Day Giveaways

Prize(s) - Varies

End Date - ??

Entry Frequency - ??

Simone's Thoughts - Girly stuff for Mother's Days. Think purses, jewelry, ect. Stereotypical - yes. Does that mean we don't still want it? - No.