Do you tweet?

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Voyage.tv Twitter Trip Sweep

Prize(s) - Trip you tweet about up to $10,000

End Date - October 29, 2009

Entry Frequency - weekly per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - If you don't enter sweeps on twitter, you should. Your odds are much better than other national sweeps at this point because it hasn't reached its threshold yet. Also if you follow your local radio stations and newspapers they often have special twitter giveaways. This particular sweep is an awesome one, you can win a trip up to 10k for a single tweet. If you don't think you can win big on twitter, you can with this one!


Which sock is whiter?

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Spray N Wash Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - $8,000 and a washer and dryer. Also some lesser cash prizes and other prizes.

End Date - December 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Gotta love cash and a new washer/ dryer. Ours are actually pretty new, but they are cheap. Who knows if these would be any better, but I could find a use for that cash for sure!

Click 'enter here' on the lower left hand side.


Roll the dice

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- HGTV 75K Sweep

Prize(s) - $75,000

End Date - October 2, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Some people don't enter the big popular sweeps because they figure the odds aren't good enough to win. What it comes down to is that someone has to win these and if you don't enter it isn't going to be you. I know someone who won the car in Publishers Clearinghouse back in the 80s and I just won an 8 day trip to Rome on a national 1x entry sweepstakes. Yeah the odds aren't that good, but someone will win these prizes. I encourage everyone to enter local sweeps and smaller ones that may have better odds, but enter the bigger ones too - if only 1 time.


Family vacation in style

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Camping World RV Sweep

Prize(s) - Damon Daybreak Class A motorhome, trip to World Truck Series race in Miami, FL, & $1,500 (there are a bunch more prizes other than the grand including other RVs, grills, gift cards, etc. - read the official rules for full prize details on this one.)

End Date - October 29, 2009

Entry Frequency - every 24 hours per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - This would be awesome to win. Of course I would have to sell it and get a smaller one due to taxes, but still - awesome.


Bean, beans, they're good for your... wallet?

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Goya Million Dollar Sweep

Prize(s) - Chance to win $7,500 cash, $5,000 cash, or $5,000 a month for life (also instants wins of $10 & $1,000)

End Date - February 15, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per email

Simone's Thoughts - This one is a little confusing, but essentially you will just register or log in and select a can. The can will either be an instant winner, or a month. The goal for the grand prize is to collect all the months.


Food, bikes, whatever!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Kellogg Target Sweep

Prize(s) - $750 Target gift card (100 to be given away)

End Date - September 30, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - This prize may not be that extravagant, but it sure would be useful. The sponsor would like you to use the gift card to buy bikes for your family, but in the end its your choice! Also the odds are pretty good. You will have to register with Kellogg to enter & use UPC - 3800031837 to enter (its the generic one found in the official rules.)


Another college bowl game trip

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Domino's Bowl Game Sweep

Prize(s) - 2 day trip for 4 to a college bowl game of your choice & a $1,000 AMEX GC or check

End Date - October 26, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - This sweep is a perfect example of ARV vs FMV. On sweepstakes wins you only have to claim FMV = Fair Market Value on your taxes. The ARV of this sweep is $9,500 for a 1 night trip. The key to successfully claiming FMV is to price shop on everything you get with the sweep and keep copies of what the prize is really worth. That way when it comes to tax time, you can hopefully claim a more resonable amount for this prize. Since everything included with this is priceable (i.e. no celebrity appearance that might be up to them to value), you should be ok.


What a girl wants

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Comcast Instant

Prize(s) - Grand prize is one of each of the below instant prizes. 1 instant prize given away daily.

(10) Gemma Redux Jewelry (Blue Agate Bracelet, Necklace & Earrings Set), ARV $869.00 each;

(10) The Editor Series collection from SteamLine Luggage (Including one (1) Vanity case, one (1) Carry-On and one (1) Stowaway), ARV $578.00 each;

(10) Beautiful People "Grown-up Yone" handbag, ARV $575.00 each;

(10) Rubie Green organic bedding (Including one (1) Sheet set, one (1) Duvet and one (1) Bedskirt), ARV $477.00 each;

(10) Rebecca Minkoff "Knocked Up" Diaper Bag in Black Nylon with Black Leather trim. Includes Rebecca Minkoff signature print coated canvas lining and changing pad, ARV $475.00 each;

(10) Armour Beauty Lip Gloss Collection: Set of 14 glosses (Shimmer & Opaque Collections), ARV $266.00 each;

(10) Knock Out Cosmetics Flatte Nail Laquers: (Set of seven (7) polishes including one (1) each of the following: Flatte Black, Powder, Calamine, Karen, Liberty, OX & Flatte Top), ARV $154.00 each;

(10) Ashley Jeanne hand-screened silk scarf, ARV $145.00 each;

(10) FireLilly Gourmet Chocolates: Truffle Cone Apothecary Jar, ARV $122.50 each;

(10) LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: Top Ten Prize Pack (Includes one (1) each of the following: Ocean Salt exfoliating cleanser, Dream Cream moisturizer, Buffy body butter, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, Sexy Peel soap, Karma soap, Sex bomb, Coalface cleanser, and Honey I Washed the Kids soap), ARV $122.40 each.

End Date - September 22, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Everyone knows how much I love winning girly stuff, so here is a nice one for that. Sorry I didn't find this one sooner for you guys, but at least there is still a shot at 2 instants and the grand prize!


Stylin from head to toe

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Vogue NYC Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 3 day trip for ONE to NYC, $1,000 shopping spree at Lord & Taylor and a HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje

End Date - October 4, 2009

Entry Frequency - 1x per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - I really don't need a new laptop, but who wouldn't want to be seen using this stylish one. Add the trip to NYC and new clothes and you had me at hello.


Meat machine

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Hershey's Camaro Sweep

Prize(s) - 2010 Chevy Camaro

End Date - January 31, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I love muscle cars. While this one is not from the heyday of the muscle car, it definitely is reminiscent of that time. This would be a hard one to give up after winning. You do have to become a member to enter, but they always have good sweeps, so its worth it.


Guess where

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Universal Orlando Instant Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 3 night trip for 4 to Orlando and tickets to Universal (1 per month given away)
also daily prize of 2 -1 day Universal tickets

End Date - December 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - This would be a nice length for a trip to Universal. When you do find trip giveaways for more than 2 they are usually to Orlando, so no surprises here. If you live in the area, make sure you are entering daily for those tickets!

A girls best friend

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- InStyle Diamond Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - Grand prize is a pair of 1ct diamond solitaire stud earrings and 5 pairs of 1/3 ct princess cut diamond solitaire stud earrings worth a total ARV of $4,780.

The real reason to enter though is that they are giving away 2 prizes a week of diamond earrings and a pendant - great odds!

End Date - October 26, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per email

Simone's Thoughts - Should I be upset that InStyle isn't specifically giving away fair trade diamonds? Yes. Am I? Yes. Is it enough to stop me from entering this sweepstakes? No.


Ahh memory, I miss you so

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Mauer $25,000 Sweep

Prize(s) - $25,000 and some great lesser prizes of $500 gift cards (32 prizes of these)

End Date - September 30, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per household

Simone's Thoughts - Before I had children I never realized how much stuff I stored in my brain. I would have never forgotten to buy tickets to a concert in the PM (pre-Max) era. Yet, here I am, without Rufus Wainwright tickets and contemplating buying the obstructed view seats that are supposedly still available. I bet if I had $25,000 I could afford to spend some of that on these tix. For that matter, with $25,000 I wouldn't have to remember to buy them on time! I wouldn't spend them on front row seats though. I have learned in the past that you really see too much in the front row (Tori Amos, I love you to death, but really didn't need to see all that drool.) Which brings me back to obstructed view seating....


We won the cruise!

Just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who took the time to click on the orange button on and voted for us to win the cruise. We won!!! Can't wait to take a vacation that isn't to visit family (not that I don't want to visit family, but a vacation just the 3 of us is nice sometimes too.)


Something to watch football on in case you don't win the trip

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Mr. Clean TV Sweep

Prize(s) - 60" flat screen TV, furniture and game console, & $1,500

End Date - January 3, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - In addition to the grand prize they are also giving away 3 magic erasers a day. I love my magic eraser. It works on everything!


College football dream

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Rotel Bowl Game Sweeps

Prize(s) - 2 night trip for 2 to a 2009-2010 college football bowl game of your choice

End Date - November 28, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Don't bug me on game day during college football season. I am not a big sports fan, but I love me some Longhorn football. This would be a great trip for any fan.


Das Boot

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Travel Channel Germany Sweep

Prize(s) - 7 day trip for two to Munich and Berlin, Germany

End Date - October 15, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - So many thoughts on Germany. I spent part of my college years in Germany and seriously considered delay my trip back to the US in order to live the dream a while longer. You will never taste better beer than in Germany. There are many other great attributes about Germany, but the beer will linger in your mouth forever... hmmm... beer. This a great trip and its free if you win, so you are welcome!


Take your pick

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Time 10K Choice Sweep

Prize(s) - Your choice of a trip to NYC, Dallas TX, Napa Valley CA, India, or investment money - all worth $10,000 each

End Date - November 21, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - I love sweepstakes that have choices. On the other hand, it normally means more people are entering them as there are more people that would pick at least one of the options. Check out the official rules for the full lineup of options on this one.


Stop laboring over an old stove...

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Traditional Home Kitchen Sweep

Prize(s) - $65,000 kitchen makeover (approx. - see rules for all the details of what you win)

End Date - September 18, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - I have no idea how old our stove is, but I would wager that it came with the house. Now granted that still puts it under 30 years old, but I would take a new one! Keep in mind if you win this prize that labor and installation are not included. Still worth it though in my mind for all the great products! You also have to become a member of the Better Homes & Gardens family of websites to enter. They have a bunch of sweeps though, so it too is worth it.


Bass boat time again

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Bass Pro Boat Sweeps

Prize(s) - 2009 TRACKER Pro Team 175 TXW boat with all the accessories

End Date - June 30, 2010

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - If you are a regular, you already know my thoughts on fishing, so I won't bore you with the details. All the men in my family are about to leave and go up to the St Lawrence for their annual fishing tournament. This will be the first time DS is away from his daddy, so we will see how that turns out.


Dream a little dream

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Spa Week Manolo Blahnik Sweep

Prize(s) - $600 GC for Manolo Blahnik shoes. Also giving away a prize of 12 bottles of Rioja Wine

End Date - October 31, 2009

Entry Frequency - 1x per person

Simone's Thoughts - What woman doesn't want a pair of Manolo Blahniks? If only to sit in my closet in a box and stare back at me. Now granted, you wouldn't be able to afford these boots with this prize (they are $1800,) but hey I bet you could a pair you liked with it.


Shave your way to $20k!

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- Schick Trip or Cash Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - Travel package awarded as a $20,000 credit or $20,000 cash in lieu

End Date - October 20, 2009

Entry Frequency - 1x per household

Simone's Thoughts - Either way you win on this one. Trip, cash - its all good. I would prob take the cash and then you would have money for a trip and the taxes from it.