Do you want to know what it feels like to win?


Prize(s) - $2500 Chevron gift card (5 prizes) or $5 Chevron gift card (84,700 prizes)

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per household

Simone's Thoughts - They are giving away 84,705 gas cards with this promotion, so odds are really good you will win one. The thing to remember is that even though I listed this as a daily, it is limited to one prize per household. So, if you win the $5 gas card, you cannot continue to play for the $2,500 card. Another limitation, it is only open to the following states - AL, AK, AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, KY, LA, MD, MS, NV, NM, NC, OH, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA AND WV. At least if you win, it will buy you more than one tank of gas.


$25 Grand or Free Gas...

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Progressive Pump up the Savings

Prize(s) - $25,000. They are also giving away 2 $50 gas cards per day.

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - Not much to say about this one other than its really a lot harder than it should be to win this instant. The $25k is the sweepstakes win, but with 2 $50 gift cards per day, you think more people would have won this instant. I have played it since April and nada. Perhaps someone else will have more luck!


Must win big screen TV before big game....

Sweepstakes Title/Link - The TABASCO Big Screen Giveaway

Prize(s) - Wide screen TV & surround sound.

End Date - January 25, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - Like - the prize includes installation. Dislike - Rules don't state what size the wide screen TV is.


Ahhh, how great would it be to have a maid?

Sweepstakes Title/Link - HALLS Helps Now Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - $4,000 worth of personal chef services, cleaning services, or handyman services.

End Date - April 27, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - You will need a UPC code to enter this one, so here ya go. Halls Strawberry - 1254662380. Lucky for all of you my husband has a cold this week. This is an instant win, so best of luck being really excited if you win! If you lose, you don't have to wait around wondering if you won. They are giving away 100 of these, but the entry period is really long, so your odds are ok (not great.)



Sweepstakes Title/Link - Beck's "Trip To Deutschland" Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 7 night trip for 2 to Germany & $3,000.

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - 1 time per household

Simone's Thoughts - I lived in Germany for a number of months during college and didn't want to leave when it was time to come back to the US. That was probably because I was drinking the best beer on the planet and wasn't working. I knew that returning to the USA meant going back to work and crappy beer. Anyways, its always great to take a trip back into your memories - this trip would allow for lots of great new ones!


Hawaii in February!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Chunky Pro Bowl Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - 3 night trip for 2 to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - Keep in mind that the trip has to be taken from February 6-9, 2009, but what else would you rather be doing in February. Really, unless you already live in Hawaii or the Caribbean, this trip will be a welcome change from February weather.


Look better while you cook!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Food Network Store Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - About $2500 worth of cooking gear, ware, pans, etc.

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - I think new kitchen stuff is cool to have. I love buying new pots and pans so that they can sit on my stove or in my cabinets - unused as I microwave my supper. Regardless of whether you cook all the time or once a month, good cookware is always worth the money - especially if its free!


Lots of Wiis


Prize(s) - 273 Wiis. 273 Nintendo DS. 574 $50 gift cards to buy video games.

End Date - November 30, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Christmas is coming and everyone wants a Wii. If you don't already have one, win one! You will have to request a code via email to enter this one (or have a Red Barron pizza with a code on it.) With so many prizes, you may actually win.



Prize(s) - A Ward Cedar Log Homes Baskahegan cabin kit.

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Now don't get the wrong idea on this one. Its not like the HGTV dream home. This is a hunters cabin (check out the floor plan and more details here.) It doesn't come with land or assembly, so you would have to buy property and hire people (or friends) to help you build the home. The other thing to consider is that it also doesn't come with plumbing, all electrical will have to be laid, etc. In other words, if you really, really, really want to have a log home and are willing to put in a bunch of effort and probably a good amount of money (think $20,000 +) this is a great win. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. I am entering it to fulfill our "Living off the Grid in Alaska" dream - or at least the cabin part.


Sweepstakes Title/Link - The Every Day with Rachael Ray Gift-Away

Prize(s) - Varies, but they have been pretty good - a fridge, a diamond ring, ect.

End Date - January 6, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - In recent years there has been a trend (started by Oprah) of talk shows giving away a crapload of gifts over the holidays. You used to have to be in the charity field or actually in the studio audience to get these gifts, but increasingly they are giving them away online as well. I would go to this sweep everyday and enter - its worth it!


Practical win that everyone can use...

Sweepstakes Title/Link - GRAIN FOODS FOUNDATION Grocery Giveaway

Prize(s) - $5,000 gift card

End Date - December 10, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - Free groceries - check! Everyone can use this win. I can't imagine how much this would help with the cost of food forever skyrocketing.


50 Thousand Dollars!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - AutoTrader.com $50,000 Auto Show Sweepstakes

Prize(s) - $50,000

End Date - December 30, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - I'm sure you can anticipate my thoughts on this one. I know I could use $50,000 and this one probably isn't quite as well advertised as the DIY network one (although odds are probably not too great.)


Now Here is a Trip I Would Take...


Prize(s) - (10 of them) 7 day/ 6 night trip for 2 to the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

End Date - November 26, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Garrett and I haven't been back to New Orleans since before Katrina and frankly, I'm not in too much of a rush to go. New Orleans is a great city, but with a new baby, I just don't know that there would be the activities to make a family trip worthwhile. The aquarium was great pre-Katrina, but I'm not sure if it has returned to its level of grandeur yet. The food is OK, but I'm just not a huge Cajun cooking fan. That being said, I have always wanted to go to Jazz Fest. They draw all sorts of big names and I think it would be a great time and a great experience for both Garrett and I, as well as Maxwell. They are also giving away a total of 10 trips, so your odds are marginally better at winning. There is a clause stating that if you can't go to Jazz Fest that you could take the trip another time during 2009 - so keep that in mind. Here is the Jazz Fest website if you want to check out past years line ups.

Super Bowl XLIII


Prize(s) - 4 day/ 3 night trip for 2 to the Super Bowl in Tampa, FL.

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - 1x per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I hate pro football; I am a college football fan. Since the rest of the US seems to love the pros - here is my gift to you. Now I probably wouldn't turn this trip down just because I could sell the tickets. However, if they just get you on some list to enter the Super Bowl, I wouldn't stomach the ARV (Approximate Retail Value = $10,000) for this experience. This brings up a good point to all of you who don't normally enter sweepstakes. Federal law requires that you pay income taxes on all wins over $10,000. Now this win does include $1,000 cash and depending upon your income, that may be enough to cover your taxes at the end of the year. Just remember that you are taking this trip in the end of Jan 09 and your taxes won't be due till April 2010. I don't know about you, but I would have a hard time saving that cash for over a year.


$1,000 for you & $1,000 for charity!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - The Pepperidge Farm Holiday Win & Give Instant Win Game

Prize(s) - 1 prize per day - $1000 cash for you and $1000 donation to a charity you pick (from a list they provide)

End Date - January 11, 2009

Entry Frequency - daily per person/ email

Simone's Thoughts - As if the $1000 a day that they are giving away isn't cool enough, you also get to feel good for winning $1000 for a charity. Best of all when people ask what you are doing with the cash you won, you don't have to feel bad when you don't mention giving any to charity because you already did!


A trip, a TV, and more!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Sears Kick Off the Season Trivia Game

Prize(s) - Grand Prize is a 3 day/ 2 night trip for 2 to NYC. Instant win prizes include 40" HDTVs, Blue Ray players, cameras, and autographed items.

End Date - November 21, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Lots of instant wins (30 TVs total) to be had and I can never turn down a chance to go to NYC.


Automatic Poop Cleaner!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Cat Genie Self Washing Litter Box Giveaway

Prize(s) - Cat Genie Self Washing Litter Box

End Date - November 30, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - Anyone who has cats that use litter boxes will be drooling with me over this prize. Cleaning up poop is one of the most horrible jobs and a machine that will do it for me is heaven. Move over Jetson's!


I'm Going to Disneyland, World, Whatever!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Angel Soft Picture Perfect Vacation

Prize(s) - 5 day/ 4 night trip for up to 6 people to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl and lots of extras.

End Date - November 30,2008

Entry Frequency - daily per household

Simone's Thoughts - Everyone dreams of going to Disney World and this may be your chance. There are tons of sweepstakes out there to win trips to Orlando, but very few are for 6 people. You could take your friends, or family, or maybe the person who turned you on to this sweep (hint,hint!)


Its Miller Time!

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Miller Football Season Sweepstakes

Prize(s)- 50" HDTV (10 given away per week)

End Date - December 20,2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - They are giving away 10 TVs a week, so your odds are pretty good with this one. Also, they give away local prizes 1 time per week. I actually won that part of this contest and we got 4 tix to the Houston Texans. We are still crossing our fingers for the TV. I don't really care for Miller, but a new TV would make me like them a whole lot more!


Choose Your Own Adventure

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Ultimate Dining Destination Sweepstakes

Prize(s)- Sweepstakes Prize - 3 day/ 2 night trip to any Cheesecake Factory location in the US and $1000
Instant Prizes - Cheesecake Factory cheesecake delivered to your home; $30 Cheesecake Factory gift card

End Date - December 31, 2008

Entry Frequency - daily per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - I love prizes where you get to choose where you go. Now granted it has to be a city where there is a Cheesecake Factory, but they have quite a few locations. I perused the rules and it doesn't specify "continental" US, which means you should be able to pick the Cheesecake Factory located in Honolulu!


Dance Your Cares Away....

Sweepstakes Title/Link
- OK Magazine Fraggle Rock Box Set Giveaway

Prize(s)- Fraggle Rock Box Set

End Date - November 21,2008

Entry Frequency - 1x per person/email

Simone's Thoughts - Ahh, Fraggle Rock. Don't you wish you could go visit the great Trash Heap or eat some of the Doozers' buildings? We didn't have HBO growing up (or cable for that matter,) so I watched Fraggle Rock when I could at grandma and grandpa's house. Perhaps you were luckier and saw every episode. Either way, this box set should be sitting on your shelf next to your Muppet's box set.


$100K , I could use that problem...


Prize - $100,000

Entry Times - October 27, 2008 – November 24, 2008

Entry Frequency – daily per email/person

Simone's Thoughts - Its $100,000 why wouldn't you enter? Granted, its through DIY and will likely get many, many entries, but if you don't enter you surely won't win. Someone has to win that $100k!


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