House of the Rising Sun

Sweepstakes Title/Link - Luzianne Tea RV Sweep

Prize(s)- RV

End Date - December 31, 2011

Entry Frequency - daily per person

Simone's Thoughts - I wonder if I could just spray paint a big 'A' on the end of the Luzianne on this RV? Whenever I hear that word all i can think of is Louisiana. This is almost exactly how many people here in TX pronounce that state, unless of course your pronounce it Loser-anna (sorry guys). Its not that Louisiana doesn't have some great characteristics, its just that I don't really care for crawdads, Cajun food, or honestly most jazz music. Of course I do love Zydeco music.... I'm sure there is something else redeeming about that state, I just haven't found it yet. In any case, if we had this RV we could drive across the country and try and find the best part of all the states. Even the ones that aren't apparent.

FYI - Click on 'I don't have a code' under the code entry box to get one.

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